Real Estate Blogging and Hiring Ghost Writers Considered

Today, blogging is not just for young millennials with nothing to do. Now we have corporate blogging, small business blogging, and even professionals are blogging. Lawyers have blogs, financial planners have blogs, and even real estate people have blogs. The amount of content going up online is absolutely incredible, it is amazing, actually unbelievable the amount of human knowledge, observations, education, and experience out there. Some of it is sheer genius, some of it is junk, and a good much of it shows that people, yes, humans have quite a bit of talent.

Unfortunately, not everyone has talent in writing, even if they are nearly the best in their field, industry sector, or area of endeavor. But just because you are good at something such as selling real estate for instance doesn’t mean you are automatically going to be good at writing about the topic. Perhaps, this is why so many real estate professionals have started hiring ghost writers to create blog posts for them. Nevertheless, this is a sticky situation because someone else is actually writing the blog post, and yet, the real estate professional is holding themselves out to be the expert.

But if they are not writing the information on their blog, claiming it is their own? Isn’t there an issue with ethics and integrity there? Don’t the board of realtors, the state licensing authorities, and the major real estate industry groups care? Some believe it’s just a matter of marketing, and it doesn’t matter, but I say it does. Indeed, I truly believe it is deceptive marketing practice regardless of industry if you hold yourself out to be an expert and you are selling your expertise – and you pretend you wrote something that you did not to the very customer who is hiring you.

Thus, the author of this article, is absolutely correct in his assessment that this sort of activity is deceptive period!

Now then, if the industry group deems this to be acceptable or ethical, that’s up to them, but that still wouldn’t make it right. It is unethical behavior, and it’s not right. There are serious issues here. If this industry doesn’t watch their activities in this regard I GUARANTEE YOU the regulators eventually will. They have with other professionals in other sectors, it’s only a matter of time. Use discretion if you use a ghost writer, and disclose early and often.

If you are a real estate blogger I sure hope you consider all this, and do the right thing. Even though no one is policing this, it’s totally something I think you should think about.

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